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I'm Asaf

“I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” 

– Michael Scott, Season 4, “Fun Run”

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About Me

My Biography

I was born in Chittagong, the second largest city in Bangladesh, and grew up with an elder sister. My childhood was marked by stability and peace, in contrast to the experiences of my parents who lived through the conflicts of the liberation war. My father started as an apprentice in a construction firm and eventually became a senior manager in a multinational company through hard work and dedication. My mother managed the household and cared for the children, instilling in us a deep appreciation for the value of work as a rewarding aspect of life, rather than just a necessity.

Work Experience

January, 2021
September, 2020
August, 2018
September, 2017
March, 2017
Graduate Research Assistant
Kingsville, Texas, USA.
Texas A&M University Kingsville
Cyber-Physical Power and Energy Systems Laboratory
Project Title: Resilient Cyber-physical Security Framework for DER at Grid Edge (NSF)
Engineer Intern
Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Assisting in the development and implementation of clear, complete, and accurate working plans from rough or detailed sketches or notes for engineering or manufacturing purposes.
International Internship
Jaipur, India.
Global Volunteer under AIESEC in Jaipur Saint Mary’s Secondary School,
Executive Officer
Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Documentation and Communication Department and Associate to Founder Team JONAKIR ALO under “Poralekha” NGO
Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Jonaki’r Alo (25th March, 2017 till 14th July 2017) Under “Poralekha” NGO NGO REFD. NO. 2568/10 Social Welfare REGD. NO. 198/02


M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

Texas A&M University – Kingsville


B.Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB)


Higher Secondary School Certificate

Bangladesh Navy School & College Chattogram


Secondary School Certificate

Hazi Mohammed Mohsin Government High School, Chittagong


Final Capstone Project

Design and Implementation of an Assistive and Monitoring System for Alzheimer Patients and Elders

By Mohammed Asaf-Ud-Doulah; Tauhidur Rahman; Naymul Bari; Jobayer Ibne Azad

Innovation in the wireless communication sector and the advancement of autonomous technology provides an incentive for the healthcare sector to play and significant role. Alzheimer’s disease patient is expected to be treated and cared for their critical condition. But a caregiver is required 24/7 for this patient. For every patient, it might be a great issue. The proposed project is a combination of three different devices that will give proper care to the elderly patients along with Alzheimer ones. This work led to a demonstration of a robot delivering medication. 

University Rover Challenge (URC 2019)

Hanksville, Utah, United States of America (USA)
Crew Member – Mechanical Team

The University Rover Challenge (URC) by the Mars Society is a robotics competition for university level students that challenges teams to design and build a rover that would be of use to early explorers on Mars. The competition is held annually at the Mars Desert Research Station, outside Hanksville, Utah in the United States. 

The site was selected by the Mars Society for its geographic similarity to Mars: In addition to being a largely barren desert area, the soil in the area has a chemical composition similar to Martian soil. The competition has also expanded internationally to include the European Rover Challenge, Canadian International Rover Challenge, and the Indian Rover Challenge as part of the Rover Challenge Series.

Certified International Exchange Programs

Exchange Program
Hunan University of Humanities Science & Technology (HUHST)

Loudi, Hunan, China
Delegation of American International University – Bangladesh 

On 24th October a group of 18 students accompanied by one Official of Student Affairs, Mr. Rabikul Alam Polok left Bangladesh to attend a Cultural Exchange Program arranged by “Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology (HUHST)” in Hunan, China.

The team was warmly welcomed and received by Ms. Cindy Yan a lecturer of the University, and two of HUHST students. On the first day of the 12 day long program the group was taken to the “Hunan Provincial Museum” where students were introduced to history and culture of China according to periods of time. The next day activity was followed by Chinese language lessons and establishing communication with local students of the University. 

IEEE Region 10 SYWL Congress 2018

Bali, Indonesia 
Delegation of IEEE Bangladesh Section 

Students, alumni and faculty member from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Department of Computer Engineering (CoE) attended the IEEE Region 10 Students/Young Professionals/WIE/Life Members (SYWL) Congress – 2018 representing IEEE AIUB Student Branch and American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). The congress took place from 30th of August to 2nd of September at the Prime Plaza Hotel, Sanur – Bali, Indonesia where the delegates from AIUB received numerous awards and accolades.
With the members spanning 165 countries of the globe, the IEEE Region 10 Congress gathers members of the Asia-Pacific Region together every two years to increase network, learn about the latest IEEE programs, and share strategies for enhancing membership. IEEE units and individual volunteers are also awarded at this grand event to acknowledge their outstanding contribution to the IEEE community.


Bronze Award Winner from Bangladesh 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (commonly abbreviated DofE) is a youth awards programme founded in the United Kingdom in 1956 by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, that has since expanded to 144 nations. The awards recognise adolescents and young adults for completing a series of self-improvement exercises modelled on Kurt Hahn’s solutions to his “Six Declines of Modern Youth”.

In the United Kingdom, the programme is run by The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a royal charter corporation. A separate entity, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation, promotes the award abroad and acts as a coordinating body for award sponsors in other nations, which are organised into 62 National Award Authorities and a number of Independent Operators. Award sponsors in countries outside the United Kingdom may title their awards Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, though the recognition also operates under a variety of other names in countries without a historic link to the British monarchy, or that have severed such links.

The Award allows young people to determine what they are passionate about, regardless of their background, culture or access to resources. By creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award can play a critical role in their development.​ 


Licenses & Certifications

Leadership Development Experience

AIESEC In Jaipur, India
Certificate ID: 3536663
Februaruy 7th 2018

International Conference of Computer Advancements 2020

American International University - Bangladesh
January 10, 2020.

Certificate of Internship

AIESEC IN Jaipur, India
February 7, 2018.

The SWOT Analysis

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society
September 4, 2017

Training Camp

12th National Red Crescent Youth Camp,

Reference Letter

Saint Mary's Secondary School.
Jaipur, India.


Technology Awareness Program,
IEEE Bangladesh

Reference Letter

Jonaki'r Alo
A initiative of Poralekha NGO

Stay Safe Managers Course

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
May 3, 2017.

Certificate of Appreciation | SPAVe 3.0

Event Coordination Chair
IEEE American International University - Bangladesh SB
December 1, 2018

IEEE AIUB Student Branch

Event Coordinator for the year 2018
April 10, 2019

Certificate of Appreciation | SPAW

Event Coordination Chair
IEEE American International University - Bangladesh SB
August 4, 2018

Digital Skills: Digital Marketing

March 29, 2020.

Supply Chain Management : Be Global

Macquarie University
April 10, 2020

Fundamental of Photography

Reg. 614/32
June 3, 2014

Successful Negotiation

University of Michigan
April 9, 2020

IEEE AIUB Student Branch

General Secretary for the year 2019
February 16, 2020


What People Say’s


I have came to know Asaf from his early days when he joined IEEE AIUB SB as volunteer in 2017. During that time I was IEEE AIUB SB counselor. I have watched him grow from anxious volunteer to confident leader. Our bond strengthen when we represented IEEE AIUB SB at R10 congress in 2018. It was pleasant experience and learned his enthusiasm for IEEE. He has played very vital role during 2019 for managing flag ship events like SPAVE and SPAW. He is smart, hardworking, well behaved and overall very social person. He can make connection with any age group given and maintain a good relation, which is very important interpersonal and networking skill. Most importantly he gained every ones trust and we can rely on him for important tasks to be done with perfection. And he goes for shopping for everyone whenever he travels which shows his caring nature for his friends and family. He has high ambition and aptitude for success. I wish his all the best for his future success.​

Senior Assistant Professor
Amrican International University - Bangladesh
Counselor, Amrican International University - Bangladesh Student Branch (2018)
Coordinator, Professional Activities Sub-committee, IEEE Bangladesh Section (2018)

It is my pleasure to write a recommendation for Mr. Asaf who has been working with me for quite long. I have known Asaf as a dedicated volunteer of IEEE AIUB Student Branch, a member of AIUB Robotic Crew, a deserving candidate for becoming the Chairperson of IEEE AIUB Student Branch and a sincere volunteer at our university. In all aspects I have found him extreme sincere, honest and dedicated. He has proved that he is capable of working in a team as a team member and a leader. He has always delivered his assigned tasks within deadline and with utmost sincerity. He is extremely hardworking and devoted to deliver quality outcome. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Chowdhury Akram Hossain
Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering
Special Assistant, Office of Student Affairs (OSA)
American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB)
Secretary (2017), IEEE Bangladesh Section
Student Activity Coordinator (2016), IEEE Bangladesh Section
Member, Institute of Engineers Bangladesh
Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

My interactions with Asaf over time gave me a strong insight into his capacity and calibre as a student, volunteer, and an individual. His sense of responsibility in every task he is assigned or he undertakes on his own, ensures that the job gets done. He works brilliantly, even when under pressure, ensuring not only that he is calm and collected but that others around him are as well. I have witnessed his passion and dedication towards, not just his areas of interest, but any endeavour he pursues. Whether it is the student organisation he belongs to, or his ambitions in engineering technology, or even helping out people (friends, family, and beyond) whenever and however he can, he has the makings of a true leader, adapting and evolving with time but remaining steadfast on the strong foundation he has built himself on. He will undoubtedly go places and reach greater heights in the years to come. I wish him all the best and hope to continue seeing him succeed in life.

Shama Islam
Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration
Special Assistant, Office of Vice Chancellor
Special Assistant, Cultural Affairs, Office of Student Affairs
American International University – Bangladesh

Genuine expert’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Asaf. I had the pleasure of working with Asaf for two months for a social project at AIESEC Jaipur. I was always in awe of Asaf’s ability to command a classroom and get students on the same phase with creative ideas – even students who were initially on completely different pages. As a team member or a leader, Asaf earns my highest recommendation.

Pritam Singh Shekhawat
Vice President Operations, AIESEC in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India